Award Winning Newborn Photography

When to book

Newborn sessions need to be booked as far in advance as possible, preferable when you are at around 20 weeks pregnant.  This is not set in stone and sometimes I may still be able to fit you in at short notice, but there is no guarantee!    I only pre-book a set number of babies each month, this way, whether baby arrives early, on time or late, I will still be able to fit you in.   I provide all the props which are used throughout the session and I only photograph newborn's under 2 weeks old, unless baby was born premature.  

Why?      Newborns' under two weeks old tend to be very sleepy and easy-going. If they are fed and warm, babies don’t mind that they are not being held during the photo session. As newborns get older, they start to mind these things! They want to be held at all times - and preferably by an adult, thankyouverymuch. Another reason that babies are best photographed within the first two weeks is they look more like newborns. They curl up with their legs tucked under and their tiny little hands like to be up by their face. As newborns get older, they stretch out and don’t like being confined so much.

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